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1. Intro to Love Your Guts Seminars

This program is a 2-hour introductory lecture / marketing event which always include didactic material and hands-on practice.

These lectures are marketing efforts presented in manual therapy schools, open house environments, or specific clinical treatment facilities like PT, fertility medicine, and massage therapy

Intro to Love Your Guts Seminars topics include -
• Palpating the layers of the belly from skin to spine
• Applications to indigestion, acid reflux, and GERD
• Applications to fertility
• Applications to low back pain
• Applications to detoxification
• Applications to abdominal surgeries

2. Intro to Belly Massage

This 2-day program is an excellent way to enter the world of manual therapy for the belly. It is a didactic and hands-on course specifically geared to students in massage programs and bodywork professionals with little belly massage experience.

A thorough and eassy to learn 10-step belly massage protocol is presented, discussed and practiced. This protocol addresses the bony and muscular framework of the trunk, the fascial architecture of the belly wall and organ and the metabolic systems that power these organs.

Clear indications and contraindications to abdominal work are also discussed.

Please contact Advanced Educators if you want to schedule either of these events at your school, practice space, or professional convention.


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