Courses - Certification Series

Certification course work comprises three 3-day weekend traingings, completed case studies and outside reading, and a 3-day Certification Course which includes testing and graduation.

Completing all course work, case studies and outside reading entails approximately 200 hours.



1. Palpatory Anatomy of the Belly - Fascial Architecture - Paired with Applications to Fascia, Fluid, and Energy, and teaches the palpatory experience of the fascial support systems for the belly wall and abdominal cavity and develops palpatory fluency with the abdominal organs, the fascial architecture, and the metabolic systems that power the belly.

2. Palpatory Anatomy of the Belly - Digestive System - Paired with Applications to the Digestive System. This course focuses on the palpatory experience of the digestive organs from the mouth to the large intestine. You will also leave this class with a working knowledge of normal physiology of the digestive system and all of its organs.

3. Palpatory Anatomy of the Belly - Pelvis - Paired with Applications to the Pelvis. This course focuses on the palpatory experience of the pelvic bowl organs and the bony pelvis. You will leave this course with a working knowledge of how to palpate the bladder, uterus / ovaries, prostate gland and intestines, as well as the bony land marks and muscular structure of the pelvic floor.

APPLICATIONS SERIES - 2 day /16 hours each

1. Applications to Fascia, Fluid and Energy – This course explores various ways to work with the metabolic systems of the abdomen and viscera including blood, lymph, and energy circulation, the fascial architecture of the abdominal organs, the breath and the nervous system. Detoxification and self care are also discussed and practiced.

2. Applications to the Digestive System - This course explores normal physiology of the digestive system, as well as many common digestive ailments. The course creates a thorough routine to improve the function of the entire digestive system.

Organ tonifying and mobilization, nervous system calming, fascial releasing and de-lamination and breathwork, will be discussed and practiced.

3. Applications to the Pelvis - This course explores the world of the hip complex, the pelvic bowl organs and the pelvic floor. We will thoroughly examine the male and female reproductive system, and elimination via the kidney / urinary bladder and large intestine.

This class takes a multiple systems approach to working with the pelvis address postural distortions, organ prolapse, pelvic pain, fluid and energy congestion, and reproductive and elimination difficulties.

CERTIFICATION COURSE - 3 day / 24 hours

This course is the culmination of the above course work + case studies and will cover the following:

• case study discussions
• treatment planning
• advanced training on treating the entire body via the belly
• work with surgeries and scar tissue
• skill set improvement and advanced techniques
• marketing training
• practical exam and graduation

The Certificate Course is the final step in this process of approximately 200 hours of class room instruction, study, and practice.

This is an excellent and thorough program designed to give you the skill sets to work effectively in the belly, speak intelligently about your work to other professionals and to the public, and expand your scope of practice into an arena that is virtually untapped in the health care arena.


  1. You can enter the Certification Program at any point in the three didactic weekends. The only requirement being that you must take the Palpatory Anatomy of the Belly course before taking its paired Applications course.

  2. You may take any the Palpatory Anatomy of the Belly courses as a stand alone program. Many PT’s, acupuncturists, yoga teachers, and core strengthening folks find this option greatly enhances their work.

  3. You have 3 years to complete the Certification Program after applying.

  4. Teaching Assistants - you must apply to be in the Certification Program in order to TA. You can TA any class that you have already taken and repeated at least once. Thank you in advance for considering this option.

  5. For those entering the Certification Program after taking classes in the old Integrative Abdominal Techniques format, the conversion of classes to the present certification format looks like this:

• Integrative Abdominal Techniques 1 = PA - Digestive System
• Integrative Abdominal Techniques 2 = PA - Fascial Architecture + PA - Pelvis

Special Offer - If you have taken both of the Integrative Abdominal Techniques weekends, you can take any of the present Love Your Guts Seminars courses at the reviewer rate.

The newer classes are much fuller with more detail, better progression of treatment ideas, and a different organization of trades and processing of class material.


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